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Hill Country
Sunset Series

Bee Cave, TX (2020)

Re-Imagine Live Music in the Age of COVID

How do you host a concert in Austin during the pandemic? Planning & Passion for the arts that make our hometown great!

As Austin as it gets

Hill Country Galleria presented a drive-in rooftop concert series so Austinites could jam to live music even during the local coronavirus restrictions. A ticket could only be won by listening to Austin City Limits radio so only a small group of locals had a chance to drive into their “personal tailgate zone” - a fun an legal way to gather while distancing!

Sunset Audience 01.png

Concerts need crowds. Austin Event Lighting helped plan for one.

Come backstage

Three Days, Three Concerts: live performances by Black Fret artists Love & Chaos, Henry Invisible, and Darkbird. And views of the Hill Country sunset every night!

Sunset Music 01.png
Sunset Music 02.png

Austin Event Lighting conceptualized this project from the ground up including the initial pitch and CAD design buildout. Our 3D renders of venues and events show clients a clear picture of their vision, weeks or months in advance.

Personal Tailgate Zones.png
Sunset Stage 03.png
Sunset Stage 01.png

Truss Structures create a stage anywhere we build them. Austin Event Lighting can erect a lighting rig on top of a parking garage, in the middle of a field, at your private estate, or the convention center.

We designed and built this stage to match the space. Our lighting fixtures backlit the musical talent to compete with the light from the setting sun. With movers, static lights, blinders, and video walls, every performance was a smash. The vibrant Chauvet video walls lit up even with the sun up - that's bright! And our video walls display full 4k!

Austin Event Lighting creates and curates video content for events. Play your own footage or hire us to design some of our own. Learn about our Video Services here!

Gear Utilized: Chauvet F4 Video Panels | Chauvet Storm Wash | Chauvet MK2 Wash | Martin Axiom Hybrid | Elation 350IP Blinders

Global Truss & Base Plates | Master Effects - Mystic Haze | High End Systems Road Hog 4 Console | staging by HK Stages

See all of our Equipment on our interactive Inventory and our Brochure

Or look through this breakdown of our equipment onsite....

Sunset Series Breakdown.png

Professional staging companies like HKStages provide stairs

Custom Gobos can project, rotate and spin any design or pattern, even wedding monograms

Blinders are concert lights. Audiences everywhere recognize the brilliant white flash!

Chauvet's Storm Wash swivels on an axis and turns on another, sending 6,000 lumens all over

                    Austin Event Lighting

transforms spaces

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