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You have questions; we have answers! Austin Event Lighting makes magic happen at hundreds of events every year. In a decade of local events, we have seen it all so let us illuminate you.


Where are you located?

Austin, y'all!

Our new warehouse sits behind the Q2 soccer stadium in Austin, TX. We are right in the action!

2200 Denton Dr. Unit 112, Austin, TX 78758

We work all across Texas and around the country. Dallas, Houston, Denver, San Francisco, big cites and small towns: we get around! 

Can you handle my event?

Austin Event Lighting specializes in lighting live events, but we do audio, staging, event planning, humble hometown weddings, and live music touring around the nation. We offer enormous, crystal clear video walls and other services. We scaled to an epic level since 2020 and continue to grow. Stadium shows to pop-up activations, we handle events big and small for a variety of clients!


What kinds of lights do you have?

Big, small, classic, modern, easy, specialized

Elation, Martin, Astera, & more...

Describe the fixture types, give examples, and conclude that we know best so ask us to design!

Equipment Page


Can I buy X, Y, or Z from you, AEL?

Austin Event Lighting sells fixtures and equipment, brand new and used. Elation, Astera, Master FX, American DJ, Minuit, and Smoke Factory all trust us to sell and ship their products - ask us for a quote!

If you cannot find the item or brand on our site, but you know it is available to dealers, request it from our Quotes Page and we will reach out right away!

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