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Please use the following prompts and guides 

What are we looking for?

We want to hear the onsite experiences from contractors, including crew and venue information, unexpected barriers and workarounds, and other specifics that they see and notice on gigs.

Austin Event Lighting depends on contractors to help us accomplish all the awesome events we complete. But AEL needs organized feedback to make gigs easier, smarter, and cooler. By identifying repeat problems and smart, new solutions, we can improve future events for our talented contractor pool.

Good Feedback is Specific

  • Imagine you could tell yourself one thing before this gig started.

  • What would you change to make the gig go better or look better?

  • What would you bring next time? Would you change the rigging?

  • Information about parking, rigging, planning, loading docks, security, and power

  • Did you require a shop run? Did all of our equipment work?

  • What information from Nowsta was useful, which info was useless, and which info was missing?

  • If you found a new solution, share it with us. If our solutions failed, tell us why.

  • Instead of "missing stuff," name the missing items: "DMX adapter" or "two sticks of truss"

  • Was there a better way to do something? Even if nothing went wrong, what could be better?

Example Feedback

(Given by a fictional Crew Chief whose gig went sideways but succeeded)

Crew Feedback:

Both crew members were troopers even though the elevator was not available. Quick workers and stayed on task until we were done. Need to work on dressing up cable and snipping their zip ties - remind them it needs to look good too since people will be looking at it.

Gear/Vehicles Feedback:

We did not use the TV because of the stairs, client okayed.  Truck fit in the alley just fine, parking was not bad for a Saturday but had to reimburse truck parking. Did not check fuel level, but I promise to do it next time.

AEL Feedback:

The venue elevator was broken so it took us three hours to load in what should have taken thirty minutes. We were overheated from using the stairs and wish we had put cold water on the truck. Did anyone hear about the broken elevator before we got there? It was a lot of extra work and could have used some backup.

(Given by a fictional Crew Member whose gig went well, but not perfect)


Crew Feedback:

Everyone was really quick in the morning. When I had a question about running cable, two people helped me get it done and understand why we did it like that. It felt like the crew was on the same team all day. Later, when the audio guy needed help, none of us knew what he needed ​but it sounds like he called the shop and got an answer.

Gear/Vehicles Feedback:

I rode with the Crew Chief in the medium-sized truck. We stopped at 7-11 to get fuel and coffee which made us about six minutes late. All the equipment was there so we did not need a shop run, but one of the Vipers had to be replaced with a spare. Our Crew Chief marked the faulty fixture with red tape.

AEL Feedback:

All good, but I thought I saw a different start time. The Crew Chief texted us our shop call so I was on time, but I thought I would have more time in the morning. Did the time change last minute? Thanks for the gig!

Yes, the time changed at midnight - sorry! Thank you for the feedback. - Staff

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