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Lighting can be the biggest factor in creating the perfect mood for your event. It can transform a space into an elegant, golden-age affair or make you feel like you’ve stepped into a shimmering, neon world of disco light. We love shaping events with the right products to get that unforgettable look.


Our Inventory includes all cutting edge equipment for your next event. With seamlessly controlled battery lights, energy-efficient LED Edison string lighting, and the latest intelligent lighting found within Festivals throughout the World, we have the best solutions for your lighting needs.




Think of trussing as the Legos of the production world. Trussing is used to build structures and provide the “backbone” for lighting, video and sound elements. Whether rigging from other structures, or elaborate ground supports, we can provide the right expertise to keep the environment safe and non-obtrusive.


We utilize industry-standard, Global Truss and XSF Truss  to build and support our designs. Austin Event Lighting offers every size, angle, or diameter truss you need to realize your vision. With a variety of chain motors and self-climbing roof stems available, we can build even the most complex structures.


Austin Event Lighting also utilizes cad software to illustrate our designs to clients. This allows early visualization of the concept and quick changes throughout the planning process.  We also offer white, black, or custom-color fabric wraps to make our truss fit any aesthetic.




Our sister company, HK Stages, works in unison with Austin Event Lighting to bridge the gap between staging and production. With this partnership, we’re able to offer industry-leading AS2100 Bil Jax stage decks + Staging Concepts SC90 panels in a variety of sizes, shapes and heights.


Aesthetics are incredibly important to us, so each panel features a rich, black polypropylene top. We can also offer custom stage covers including carpet, custom vinyl and acrylic options. Pleated or non pleated skirting, acrylic or translucent side panels, and video wall options are also available stage upgrades.




Never has video played a larger part in event productions than present day. Austin Event Lighting has worked with 3-D video mapping using high-definition projectors, built elaborate HD video wall structures, and tied vast arrays of LED flatscreens together for national brands. We fully understand the technology behind our products, thus enabling us to visualize your message and execute it with the best equipment in the industry.


Our staff also has a vast knowledge of audio equipment that allows us to bring in everything from powered speakers for an auditorium to a full line array system for a 5,000 person concert. We can also provide backline, microphones, consoles, DJ equipment, monitors, and audio engineers. The right equipment with the right technicians.


Top brands with unparalleled service.




Austin Event Lighting was created to bring many production elements under one roof so that planning is streamlined, processes are effective and time is used efficiently. With many of our clients being from out of town, we understand how to quickly communicate and design a concept that properly meets the client’s needs.


Using CAD and lighting visualization software, we plan projects months in advance to help dial in every detail. From creating a visual representation of a design with full power and signal layouts to creating back-up solutions with further redundancies, we plan everything out.  Austin Event Lighting has also formed partnerships with the best fabricators, designers, caterers, and event industry professionals in the area to bring clients a vast network that knows how to work together. Permits, food, vendors, sponsors, security, restrooms, fencing, water, the list goes on, but we can help you check everything off.


Let us work for you.