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We thrive on lighting live events, from crowded concerts to VIP soirees, stage lights & site lighting, the accent lighting that transforms your venue. We specialize in:

  • Stage Lighting: concerts, festivals, sports, gobos
  • Site Lighting: festoons, twinkle lights, pinspots, Airstars
  • Wireless, battery-powered outdoor-rated LEDs
  • Consoles, light shows, control systems, and live events


Truss supports equipment around a venue. Freestanding or floating, trussing provides options because it is modular. Truss fits in concert halls, stadiums, and sporting venues. We carry sticks of truss from half a meter to three meters long. Our full ton motors fly in fully dressed lighting rigs on truss inside convention centers & StageLine stages.

Pre-Rig / Tours | Lighting Truss | Circular Truss | XSF or Global Truss