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Lighting Crew works for Austin Event Lighting
Lighting Operator programs live show for Austin Event Lighting
Crew Chief operates heavy machinery for Austin Event Lighting

Austin Event Lighting is adding to our pool of professional A/V freelance contractors in and around Austin, TX.


There are three different positions available commensurate with experience. Training is available to contractors moving to the next stage with us. See all three positions below with their day rates and responsibilities.

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Crew Member

Day Rate: $150 to $350 per day

  • Setting up and breaking down of event equipment and material in a timely and efficient manner

  • Able to follow and implement instruction in a fast and professional way

  • Ability to, and experience with, working long, non-traditional hours

  • Ability to collaborate with others in a positive and productive manner

  • Basic understanding of lighting, video, and/or audio equipment

  • Basic understanding and execution of rigging and rigging equipment

  • Basic understanding of cable management, power, and various electrics

  • Owner and operator of basic hand tools; c-wrench, cutting snips, hammer, multitool, etc

  • Able to lift 40 lbs unassisted; 80+ lbs with assistance

  • Able to push, pull, bend, lift, and climb ladders for long periods of time on a daily basis

  • Comfortable climbing and working from ladders and other equipment in the air

  • Comfortable working independently and in a team environment while upholding the company's core values.

  • Strong work ethic, professional attitude, clean appearance, and proficient demeanor

  • Shop work: prepping/deprepping gigs; gain knowledge of company’s equipment inventory; learn various control system frequently used on different events



Crew Chief and Site Manager

Day Rate: $225 to $450 per day

  • Professional implementation of all examples listed above, plus:

  • 2+ years experience leading, managing, and instructing large crews, without supervision or assistance, while onsite

  • Strong understanding and working knowledge of lighting, video, and/or audio equipment

  • Strong understanding and working knowledge of rigging and rigging equipment

  • Excellent understanding of cable management, power, and other electrical equipment

  • Effective in identifying and utilizing individual crew skill sets and apply them in various contexts while onsite

  • Interpersonal competencies - interact, communicate, and collaborate effectively with various people

  • Excellent driving record; experience driving vehicles up to 26 ft; ability to get on our driver insurance policy

  • Troubleshoot problems in the moment and help prevent problems before they happen

  • Able to move with the flow, handle last minute changes, and keep a cool head under pressure

  • Meet with Sales/Design and add/subtract from job items based on onsite experience



Operator and Assistant Operator

Day Rate: $450+, occasionally $700+

  • Professional implementation of all examples listed above, plus:

  • Three (3) references from A/V professionals in the live event industry

  • 2+ years experience designing, programming, and operating a show in lighting, video, and/or audio

  • 2+ professional examples - show file, demo reel, etc - of working experience in the desired operating field to be evaluated by staff and professional contractors with commensurate experience

  • Excellent and near complete understanding and working knowledge of stage responsibilities as they concern our section of the industry

  • Ability to participate and pass a rigging/equipment test based on the skills and experience needed for this position

  • Ability to perform at or above the requirements of the desired skilled position.


Additional Information:

  • Must have a dependable mode of transportation

  • Must own a smartphone to communicate via our scheduling mobile application

  • Must be authorized to work in the United States.

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