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with Pearl Events


a flexible and fun venue, Skybox offers a West Sixth vibe for guests, grooms, and concerts goers. Austin Event Lighting does it all at Skybox. Lenovo and AMD rented our new Ayrton Zondas for a company party featuring Matchbox 20. For Pat & Stace, we installed a video wall, illuminated the balloon sculpture, mounted lights on truss towers, and handed out wireless mics. We love big weddings!

Big Love, Big Lights


Austin Event Lighting does Audio & Video! We carry subwoofers, speakers, and microphones for rent and we hire talented AV experts. Watch your wedding slideshows & videos in 4k! Hear every word of your Best Man's Speech - for better or worse!


Simple truss towers allow our moving fixtures to shine. They are packed with capabilities to match the stages of your Big Day: serene monogram projection, speech spotlights, and a light show for the end of the night. Austin Event Lighting does mainstage rock shows all year round. Imagine those thrilling strobes, awesome colors, and elaborate displays for your wedding. We do it all!

The Proteus Lucius packs so much into a compact light. Elation Professional designed this IP65-rated LED profile fixture to offer outstanding projection and beam qualities in any environment.


Come back stage with us! Austin Event Lighting partners with dozens of local vendors like Pearl Events, Townsley Designs, and Nomad Sound - but we have a special friend in HK Stages who allows us to build out any size stage for any event! Ask about our Stageline SL100!


Does your wedding have drone footage? It could! All of these photos come from the portfolio of Jenny DeMarco, a maestro of wedding photography. Learn more about Jenny's work here


Look at these happy grooms! Our stage lights and video wall wait for the signal to start the dance party. For now, a sweet speech and a laugh are shared between handsome husbands below a cloudbank of balloons lit by our modern Astera Titan Tubes and ColorADO PXL16s.


a ring on your hand, your hand in his, both of you in the back of your getaway car - your best years in front of you. Looking back already, you know your pictures came out excellent, your floral and décor looked incredible, and your guests were impressed because Austin Event Lighting lit your special day. Investing in lights for your event is the best way to enhance very other aspect from floral to furniture. These lucky guys know how to throw a party. Thanks for inviting us, Pat & Stace, and Congratulations!

Bask in the glow

ACLU National Tour
Euphoria Fest
Light Up the Lake
Solana: Consensus
Human Rights Campaign Gala
Verve: Barton Creek
Verve: Country Club
Skybox Wedding
Galleria: Zilker Productions
Galleria: Sunset Series
Central Machine Works: NYE 
Keep It Quiet - NYE
Keep It Quiet - Halloween
HEB: Immersive Dinner


Yellow Umbrella Holiday Party
Native Hostel
Heintrich - Four Seasons
Kokefest: 2022
SXSW: Downtown Austin
Enovy Wedding
F1 - Phillip Morris
F1 - One Republic/Mos Def

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