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  H O S T E L

promo  party

collaboration between Austin Event Lighting, Native Hostel, HK stages, & Werd Productions


the plan

Austin is the Live Music Capitol of the World so it only makes sense to team up with local musicians when you need a WOW factor at an event. AEL, Werd, Native Hostel, HK Stages, and Premiere Events teamed up to promote and showcase our gear, our capabilities, and our favorite Austin musicians. Fun fact, about half of AEL employees play an instrument, some of them play many!

The Event spanned over 3 nights with a focus on attendees who work in the event industry. Our goal is and was to highlight the talent that makes our city so creative, so beautiful, and so magical. AEL started here and while we continue to grow, we never forgot our roots.

Gear Utilized

80” 4K TV Screens | AS2100 Bil Jax | Chauvet Storm Wash | Chauvet MK2 Wash | Martin Axiom Hybrid | Elation 350IP Blinders | Global Truss | Master Effects - Mystic Haze Chauvet R1 Wash/Beam Lights | Chauvet Well Fits | Elation SixBar 1000IP Wash | Fuel Angle Lights | High End Systems Road Hog 4 Console

Last year, Austin Event Lighting built video walls so big that guests set up a dinner table and had a catered event INSIDE the four video walls that made up an immersive experience. But for a simpler approach, we have enormous TVs that display high resolution content - bring your own or let us play ours! Our TVs mount on walls or truss towers, sit on the floor, or fly in from a hanging rig. Do not underestimate the effect of video on your event.


Why here?

Native Hostel explains it best:

"Cool, rough-hewn limestone, broody nights, tactile elegance, and comfort all make Native the first experiential hostel bringing the house party and hospitality under one moonlit roof. The charred rafters of the past play roughly alongside the silky elegance of dark plasters, glass, and cool steel."

It's flexible and it's uniquely Austin. The Ballroom is great for concerts, SXSW activations, panels, private parties, art exhibits, and more. This kind of downtown flex-space is a specialty for Austin Event Lighting. That is why we are always busy in March!

ACLU National Tour
Euphoria Fest
Light Up the Lake
Solana: Consensus
Human Rights Campaign Gala
Verve: Barton Creek
Verve: Country Club
Skybox Wedding
Galleria: Zilker Productions
Galleria: Sunset Series
Central Machine Works: NYE
Keep It Quiet - NYE
Keep It Quiet - Halloween
HEB: Immersive Dinner


Yellow Umbrella Holiday Party
Native Hostel
Heintrich - Four Seasons
Kokefest: 2022
SXSW: Downtown Austin
Enovy Wedding
F1 - Phillip Morris
F1 - One Republic/Mos Def

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