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Don't say BOO! Keep It Quiet specialized in themed events that benefit charity. For Halloween, KIQ chose to donate proceeds to the Alzheimer's Association: Capital of Texas Chapter. Join Do512, Tito's, Red Bull, costumed ghouls and gals, and one-of-a-kind musical talent Autograf.

Scroll through this page to see our lights and talent in action for the third year of KIQ Halloween:

Watch this stage transform again and again. That skull and those flowers are on screens playing vibrant video content that changes throughout the show. A brilliant and dynamic feature for any big show, video content matches or sets a stronger vibe than static or printed images.

Austin Event Lighting transforms spaces...

Each year, Austin Event Lighting had the luxury of flexibility when conceptualizing the design and layout thanks to our client. By trusting the experts, they treated guests, ghouls, and ghosts to something unique.


Behind the
, lights, truss,

equipment,  staging, cabling , tvs & videos... It takes a lot of knowledge and material to party hard enough to wake the dead.

Backstage is where the magic happens

Gear Utilized: 80” 4K TV Screens | AS2100 Bil Jax DJ riser | CDJ’s | audio monitors | bike rack barricades | Chauvet Storm Wash | Chauvet MK2 Wash | Martin Axiom Hybrid | Elation 350IP Blinders | Global Truss | Master Effects - Mystic Haze Chauvet R1 Wash/Beam Lights | Elation SixPar 300IP Wash | Elation SixPar 200IP Wash | Astera AX5 |  Astera AX3 | Chauvet Well Fits | Elation SixBar 1000IP Wash | Commercial LED Festoons | Fuel Angle Lights | KVant Lasers | High End Systems Road Hog 4 Console - See our Inventory

Gear Utilized

Austin Event Lighting partners with dozens of local vendors but we have a special friend in

HK Stages who allows us to build out any size stage! New: the Stageline SL100 for festivals!

Site lighting is the basis of any lighting package. You need a venue to have an event, you need site lighting to have a venue. Luckily, there are options.

We use (and sell) the portable, wireless, RGBAW

Astera AX-5, AX-3, and Titan/Hyperion Tubes to match the energy and transform the space into something memorable. Remember, without

site lighting, it's just a building.

stageline brochure front page.png

Download the
SL100 brochure

Equipment Page screenshot.png

Or check out our
Equipment page!

Don't let this list scare you! The best events use a wide range of lights and brands. We have been in business as Austin Event Lighting for over ten years and we curate 12,000+ square feet of equipment in our Central Austin warehouse. Which means you have options! The DJ booth for KIQ Halloween is four 80" TVs but our Video Wall panels feature a 4.8 mm Pixel Pitch which means 43,264 pixels per square meter - full 4k video!


Why do we measure it per meter? Video Wall panels are modular and link together like puzzle pieces. Five meters, ten, twenty, it's all possible!



Almost all of our event starts the same way: Reaching Out to Austin Event Lighting! No two events are the same, even after a hundred weddings at the Woodbine Mansion, because events are ethereal. Once the event is over, you cannot go back and edit the details or relive the magic. Everything needs to come together at the right time so rely on a company that does it all. Talk to one team for your stage, your lights, your audio, and your event production.

Keep It Quiet is the perfect example of an event with a little bit of everything. Austin Event Lighting provided DJ risers and barricades, Martin Axioms, Chauvet Storm R1s & Wash lights, audio monitors, and lasers and so much more from one coordinated team, one great price, and one professional crew. We deliver excellence from the event concept to the clean-up afterwards. So...

See if you can spot Lights, Staging, Audio, and Truss in these pictures from the event. Excellent service is harder to photograph, but you'll notice that our crew is out of sight and the trick-or-treaters and dancing the night away!

Don't forget the disco ball! AEL provides and produces all sorts of decorations for events. We love disco balls for any occasion, chandeliers   and   baskets   for 

weddings, and specialty lanterns for indescribable private events. But what if you want something our warehouse lacks? We know the best vendors for the best "deco" so tell us what special style you want and our team will source it... Or make it! We fabricate new things in our shop every year!


At the end of the night, we count our candy and wrap it up.

Keep It Quiet ended during COVID, but we were thrilled to party with them year after year. And we are excited to make your night special too, from a costume party to a garden soiree to a mainstage concert. Austin Event Lighting is all about providing the best options based on venue, event type, budget, and taste. Come party with us!

All magic, no curses

ACLU National Tour
Euphoria Fest
Light Up the Lake
Solana: Consensus
Human Rights Campaign Gala
Verve: Barton Creek
Verve: Country Club
Skybox Wedding
Galleria: Zilker Productions
Galleria: Sunset Series
Central Machine Works: NYE
Keep It Quiet - NYE
Keep It Quiet - Halloween
HEB: Immersive Dinner


Yellow Umbrella Holiday Party
Native Hostel
Heintrich - Four Seasons
Kokefest: 2022
SXSW: Downtown Austin
Enovy Wedding
F1 - Phillip Morris
F1 - One Republic/Mos Def

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