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Verve events &
Austin event lighting

Join us in Barton Creek, TX for a scenic Hill Country wedding like no other!

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A Happy Union

A true fairy tale wedding, no detail was left out of this special project, months in the making. From the drapery to the chandelier to the 12' tall tower of flowers, we transformed Barton Creek Resort into a nuptial fantasy.

It is no secret that Austin Event Lighting relies on industry partners for their excellent work. We love working with Verve Events and other event coordinators to shine light on these lavish creations. We maintain special relationships with floral, furniture, décor, and even balloon sculpture companies around Austin. They love it when we put their product in the spotlight.

In-tents Passion

Rain or Shine, the lovebirds will say "I Do"

We always make a rain plan with our coordinators. Professionals like Verve know the importance of being prepared and this months-long planning process left no stone unturned. We hoisted this baseball-themed chandelier inside of an enormous tent that fits perfectly on the lawn at Barton Creek Resort. Under a clear and durable ceiling, guests can drink easy and enjoy the night sky. Even when it rains, it's beautiful!

Inside, our site lighting keeps the tent as bright or as dim as desired. We know from experience  to set the mood for the first dance but the groomsmen speeches need plenty of light as they read off their notecards. Our team manages those changes onsite. Versatility in action!


Bright at Night

See that glowing orb in the top left? No, it's not the moon although many clients call them "Moon Balloons." These AirStars are perfect for lighting up outdoor events. They use an array of arc lamps to cast radiance in every direction from high in the sky. We offer clear, crisp branding to attach to these boom lights, but a classy wedding does not need a logo. It needs love!

Ask us about AirStars for indoor and outdoor events! Enjoy Dinner Under the Stars or a country music festival.

Floral structure hanging from the ceiling, wisteria and truss

AEL built a 40’ X 40’ X 17’ truss ceiling structure for the main reception ceiling floral arrangement. We also brought nearly every piece of lighting equipment throughout the remainder of venue to bring this true dream celebration into reality. 

See the truss? Of course not! We flew it up with our motors so florists could safely deck our grid with this ocean of floral.

The key is harmony. See the champagne tablecloths, the wisteria and roses, and the adorable pink foot stools? We custom tailor colors and intensity to bring out the best - but not always the brightest! Austin Event Lighting is here to provide the spotlight, not steal it. Does the bride have a favorite color? Let us add a splash!

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Gear Utilized: 20 inch protective bolt plate XSF Truss | 12 inch protective bolt plate XSF Truss | Chauvet Storm Wash Lights | Chauvet R1 Wash/Beam Lights | Master Effects - Mystic Haze | Martin Axiom Hybrid | Chauvet MK2 Wash | Elation SixPar 300IP Wash | Global Truss|  Astera AX5 |  Astera AX3 | Chauvet Well Fits | Elation SixBar 1000IP Wash | Elation SixPar 300IP Wash | Elation SixPar 200IP Wash | Commercial LED Festoons | Fuel Angle Lights | High End Systems Road Hog 4 Console

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