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Keep It Quiet specialized in excitement and New Year's Eve is never an exception. Join us on a trip of the light fantastique into one of Austin's coolest parties with DJ Mel.

Live DJ at Fairmarket in East Austin with stage, event audio with mics, and event lighting

an industrial warehouse on Austin's East side, home to every conceivable event. We lit this flexible venue too many times too count: Gucci parties, NFT launches, e-sports competitions, the hypest celebrations and most exciting corporate get-togethers. We back the truck into the building and start building the energy.

Truss towers and truss structure hold event lighting profile lights, smart lights and event audio speakers

Our client gives us the luxury of flexibility when conceptualizing the design and layout each year we have lit this exciting year-end bash.  By trusting the experts, they got a gorgeous, effective design.

Disco balls for rent shining on balloon scuptures

Simple truss towers and exciting truss arches open up our options and allow our moving fixtures to shine. Think about a rock show - the twirling lights up above the stage sending down elaborate patterns and awe inspiring swoops of color. It can be done for any party!

Truss towers and subwoofers surround event stage for live music in austin

Come back stage with us! Austin Event Lighting partners with dozens of local vendors but we have a special friend in HK Stages who allows us to build out any size stage for any event!

Fairmarket in East Austin with beautiful event lighting including disco balls, gobo projection, and stage lights
Suspended flown truss holds stage lights, stage washes, concert speakers, and more
Live DJ plays on stage near truss towers with concert lighting and dance party

It's been fun hanging out backstage with you. At the end of the night, Austin Event Lighting packs up and heads back to the shop to prepare for the next event. Whether it's a metal concert or a garden soirée, we always make a professional exit so your venue and coordinator are happy.


ACLU National Tour
Euphoria Fest
Light Up the Lake
Solana: Consensus
Human Rights Campaign Gala
Verve: Barton Creek
Verve: Country Club
Skybox Wedding
Galleria: Zilker Productions
Galleria: Sunset Series
Central Machine Works: NYE
Keep It Quiet - NYE
Keep It Quiet - Halloween
HEB: Immersive Dinner


Yellow Umbrella Holiday Party
Native Hostel
Heintrich - Four Seasons
Kokefest: 2022
SXSW: Downtown Austin
Enovy Wedding
F1 - Phillip Morris
F1 - One Republic/Mos Def

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